What is Responsive Design And Why is it Important ?

Responsive Design refers to a website that is built in such a way that the website’s layout changes automatically to match the screen size it is being view on.

A wide screen (such as your home computer) will display a website with multiple columns of content,  whilst viewing the same website on a small screen (such as a mobile phone) the content is presented in a single column (and is viewed as you scroll down).   All of the content – text, images and links are appropriately re-sized so that the information can still be easily read.

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The ultimate aim of responsive design is to provide a pleasant visual and interactive experience for visitors to your website.  There is no need for them to use the scroll bar or twist and turn their device in an attempt to get a better view of what the site offers.  If your website is not responsive when viewed on certain devices, those individuals are most likely to become quickly frustrated and exit your site prematurely.

responsive design

What does Responsive Design look like ?


As you can see from the above image – the content and images have been automatically proportioned (re-sized) for the screen size of each device so that the content is presentable and easy to read for the viewer.  The dimensions are automatically re-configured due to the webmasters coding so that it perfectly fits the screen size of the device being used.  This means users viewing on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone will all experience and visually see the same information, however the display will be adjusted in each case to suit which ever device is being used at the time.

The ultimate aim for responsive web design is for users to have a pleasant experience whilst they are viewing the information on a website … no matter what device they choose to use.

Wise Web Design Specialises in ‘cost effective’ Fully Responsive Website Design … We don’t charge you extra !  

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How can responsive design benefit my business?


greentickYour website needs to be pleasant to the eye and easy to use.  Your visitors will not want to use scroll bars to view the content on your site.  If it is not made easy for them – they will click off the page and look somewhere else for the information, product or service they are searching for (most likely to one of your competitors).  We all want ‘Happy’ customers and it is good for business.

greentickPeople are becoming very accustomed to being able to access the information they are searching for using their mobile devices.  Users want to be able to easily access and browse your site on the go.

greentickStatistics show that the number of internet searches by people using a mobile device is rising exponentially every day.   People are getting use to browsing the web using their smartphones, ipads and tablets from wherever they are and at any time of the day.  No smart web designer would be ignoring the importance of building websites that have a responsive design.  If it is not already … it wont be long …  before the “One Site Fits All Devices” websites are the norm.

greentickIf someone is searching for information using their mobile device Google will give preference to websites that have a responsive web design.  This is because Google wants to ensure their users receive the best possible experience.   In 2014, Google said it ” highly recommends using responsive design” and suggests this will become an important part of it’s search engine algorithm.   So you could infer that Google is effectively rewarding sites that are mobile-friendly and penalizing those that are not.

greentickThis fact alone makes responsive design a very important factor in your web design strategy.  In support of this information, web designers are seeing this reflected in website statistics and analytics.

greentickWith the ever changing internet and with new devices coming onto the market – having a website that has been built with a responsive design is one of best ways you can ensure you are in the best possible position to support future devices.  This means that when a new device hits the market your fully responsive website will be already prepared ” ready & able ” to be viewed on any platform.

Wise Web Design Specialises in ‘cost effective’ Fully Responsive Website Design … We don’t charge you extra !  

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In conclusion … 

Wise Web Design highly recommends Responsive Design for your Website

It is no longer a trend … it’s a must.  Being able to offer your customers a pleasant viewing experience no matter what device they choose to use means you will have expanded the reach of your business (information, products & services).  Having this smart approach for your website is of the highest importance,  it is an incredibly valuable strategy and very clearly gives your business an advantage over other businesses who are not yet using a responsive design for their website.

OK, so we have established that your website needs to be Fully Responsive !
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