What Makes A Good Website ?

In 2016 it is very important for every business to have its own website.  A website is an online representation of your business and owning a quality website would be very beneficial.  If you own your own business, then you know how hard it is to find time for anything besides day to day operations.  A good website can work for you and can bring in new customers.  Your website is always there (24/7) to inform people about your business, what you do , where your are, what products and / or services you provide. It can also be used to communicate with your customers about sales, discounts, new product announcements, upcoming events, recent work, testimonials from happy customers and to provide all manner of helpful information.

If you dont already have a website then you seriously need to look into getting one.

If you do have a website then you need to check it has the following 10 website essentials.

10 website essentials

What Makes a Good Website ? – Make sure it has the following 10 Essential Elements :

1) First Impressions Count

It is very important that when someone lands on your Home Page (or web page) they can instantly tell what you do, what your business is about.  Don’t leave people guessing.  Have you heard of the 3 Second Rule ?  It is said that if people don’t see what they are searching for (or understand what your website is about ) within 3 seconds of landing on your website they are ‘out of there’.  Hey … you probably do this yourself when you are searching for something on the Net.

2) Quick To Load

It’s nice having a fancy website with all the bells and whistles, however if it takes too long to load – you wont get the benefit of showing it off to anyone … because no-one will hang around long enough to see it.  Avoid adding elements to your website that take time to load such as : music, flash and autoplay videos.

3) “Call To Action”

Make sure you have a “Clear Call To Action”.  People pychologically like to be told what to do.  If you want them to Call You – make sure your phone number is there front and center – large and bold “Call Now”. If you want people to email you make it easy for them with a clickable link straight to an online form “Click Here to Email Us”.  If you want them to Request a Quote – have it there right in front of them.  If you want people to join your email list – make it easy for them to do so and here’s a tip – offer them a free ebook or free report with quality information that will be useful to them.

4) Contact Details

Ensure your contact details are easy to find.  Have a Contact Us page with ALL your contact information (phone number, physical address or service area, email address, Google map).  There is nothing worse for a visitor to your webstite loving what they see – then finding it hard to find your contact information.  Also, ensure any phones numbers and email addresses are clickable so your visitors can easily call or email you with the click of a button.  Ever increasingly, people are using their smartphones today to do their online searches.

5) Easy Navigation

Have a clear and simple menu along the top or the side of every page so that it is always very easy to navigate around the website. You want to make it very straightforward for your visitors to find what they are looking for without getting frustrated, especially if they have never visited your site before.  It’s also a good idea to use simple easily understood menu titles (eg contact us, testimonials, FAQs, gallery) being cryptic can be clever but can also be confusing.  People are creatures of habit and want to see what they expect to find on a website menu bar.

6) Information Is Easy To Find

Your website needs to be as simple and as clear as possible. It is far better to have a basic site providing the customer with all the information they are looking for rather than a fancy website with graphics and animations that are making the pages slow to load and hard to use, too much text that is hard to read, flashing advertisements and images that dont belong or confuse. The longer it takes for someone to find what they are looking for on your site, the more likely they are to click off your site and continue their online search elsewhere … most likely to your competitors site. Always err on the side of making your site plain and simple.

7) View Your Website From Your Customers Eyes

A significant number of people will most likely find your business via an online search.  Always provide information about you, your business, your products / services, images (if applicable) or work you have done, testimonials from happy customers. Think about what you would want to know if you were a brand-new customer visiting Your website.  What information are they likely to be searching for? What information would be helpful to them ?  What answer are they trying to find?  What problem are they trying to solve ?

8) Easy To Read

Make sure that articles (information) on your site are clear and easy to read.  Use headlines, images and bullet points to break up the text. People like to be able to scan a page to get a quick understanding of what the page is about.  If it is what they are looking for they will then take the time to read all the information.  Your website is a great place to announce news about the company, awards, promotions.  Many websites have a blog or a news page where relevant information is regularly shared.

9) Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration – include links on your website to any social media platforms you are using. Always think of ways to make it easy for visitors to your site to find the information they may be looking for.  For example : If you think your visitors would benefit by visiting your Facebook page make sure you include social media buttons so it is easy for them to do so.

10) Fully Responsive Web Design

You dont know what device people will use to search for your products and services online.  They could be at home on their home computer or out and about using their smartphone.  It is essential that your website looks great no matter the screen size of the device they are using. Your website needs to be ‘fully responsive‘ and able to be easily viewed on all devices. If your customers have to use the scroll bar on your website to view your information – they will get frustrated and annoyed very quickly leave.  They wont stay long on your site!

What makes a good website ? Hopefully after reading through these 10 website essentials – you now have a pretty good idea of what to include so your website is one that people love to visit and use.
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