I Already Have a Website – Do I Need a Better One ?

If you already have a website, you might be wondering if it truly meets your needs (& your customers needs) or if you should make the switch to a new one? Whilst the answer to this question depends on the intended outcome of your website, there are some guidelines that anyone can follow.  Knowing if your website is doing its job or if you need a better one is important. Upgrading when you don’t need to is a waste of money. However, on the other hand, keeping an inefficient website could be causing you to lose even more money. This article is going to go over some issues that you want to consider when deciding if it is time to get a better website.

new website mandurahResponsive Design

One of the most crucial aspects of your website today is … Can it be easily viewed on all devices ?  People are using iPads, smartphones, laptops, home PC’s and more to view information online.  A fully responsive (mobile friendly) website can be easily viewed on all devices – no matter what the screen size.  The website is developed in such away that the information and images being displayed are automatically resized for easy viewing.  If your website is not mobile responsive – visitors will have to use the scroll bar to view all the content on your site.  People are in a hurry, impatient and are easily frustrated – it is very likely they will quickly click off your site and go looking elsewhere for the information they want.

Loading Time

It is critical to have a website that loads quickly. Your website should not take any longer than a few seconds to load. If your website takes too long to load, you will lose visitors. It is important to remember that your potential visitors are usually in a hurry and are bombarded with distractions.  As they sit at their computer, they have social media updates, emails and advertisements competing for their attention.

If your website takes too long to load, people will become bored and impatient. They will click off your website even before it fully loads. If your website takes too long to load, make changes to it to fix this problem. Remove any large and unnecessary picture files, Java, animations etc. Your fancy website might look impressive … as long as your visitors wait around long enough for them to see what you are offering.

A tip here is to think about your own online searching habits – what frustrates you and when do you click off a website that is slow to load ?

Easy Navigation

When visitors come to your website looking for information make it easy for them to find what they are looking for via easily understood site navigation. A menu at the top of the page and / or side bar.  Menu titles that are straightforward and meaningful – Home / Our Services / Gallery / Contact Us / About Us  etc.  Whilst its great to be witty and have obscure menu titles – will your visitors understand what they mean.?  Think from your own point of view and make site navigation simple – so people can find what they are looking for ‘fast’ – they will appreciate you for it.

Clear Call To Action

Make sure you have a clear ‘Call To Action” on your website – front and center and at the top of the page.  Make it easy for your visitors to see your phone number, sign up for you newsletter, click on your online store, email you for a Quote … or whatever it is that you want you visitors to do.

Tip: It is important to have a website that is free from third-party ads. Third-party ads on your website will distract your visitors and reduce your sales. You did the hard part of getting the visitors to your website, so you don’t want to send them somewhere else. Each time a visitor clicks away from your website, a potential sale is walking way. You are leaving money on the table. Removing third-party ads helps your visitors stay focused on you and your message. When they have fewer distractions, your visitors are more focused on what you want them to do.


Your website could meet all of the above criteria, however look old and outdated.  When people visit your website for the first time – they don’t know you.  First impressions count and an  ‘outdated’ website may give the impression of an old fashioned business.  Whilst a modern, slick looking website will give the impression of up-to-date products, information and services.


Uptime refers to the amount of time a website is online. When a website is offline, it is referred to as downtime. Your goal should be to have a website that has a 99% uptime. Any downtime could result in fewer sales. Downtime can occur for different reasons. It is normal for websites to go down once in a while due to maintenance or upgrades.

But if your website experiences a lot of downtime, you have a problem. The longer your website is down, the more your sales can be affected. If a potential customer tries to access your site but is unable to, they may not come back. They will simply spend their money on your competitor’s product or service.


I Already Have a Website – Do I Need a Better One ?  
Contact your current Website Provider and have these important issues actioned or corrected.  
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